Impressive Lightweight Planter

The Mighty Tom is the biggest most badass planter out there and can be used for trees, plants, decorations, art and more. All planters are unique, 100% handmade and come with a custom color. The Mighty Tom planter is a true asset to your home, hotel, club, yacht or company.

Weight – The Mighty Tom planter is ultra strong and can be used for larger trees, plants, wild grasses, decorations and art. Despite the big size and massive appearance, all Mighty Tom planters are true lightweights. Without its content the Mighty Tom planter weighs just 10 lbs per square feet. This makes the Mighty Tom planter also perfectly suitable for placement on a rooftop terrace or yacht.

Weather – No worries about weather conditions. Hot, cold, rainy or extremely dry are no problem for Mighty Tom planters. The wide edge keeps the inside of the planter cool in its own a natural way and the Mighty Tom planters can be delivered with a ecologic hydro-system.

Color – The color of the Mighty Tom planter is a custom option. Choose out of 10.000 colors and color variants in metallic, pearl, candy, solidhigh gloss, low-gloss, matt, corten and glow in the dark. All paint layers are finished with a clearcoat to protect the exterior against weather and scratches.


‘My architect told me about Mighty Tom, so we looked into these so called badass planters. I was happily surprised to say the least and directly ordered 10 planters. They look great in the courtyard of my five star hotel.’

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