In our studio of 50.000 square feet we handcraft the Mighty Tom planters with the utmost care. A crew of 28 professionals, including skilled designers, craftsmen and painters create the badass Mighty Tom planters. We are equipped with the best tools and two high-tech spray- and dry-booths.


Over 100 hours of craftsmanship labour is needed to create one Mighty Tom planter. The planter gets shaped, coated, scrubbed, coated again, scuffed, polished and painted five times before it gets finished with three layers of clearcoat. The whole process takes over 100 hours and each part is done by craftsmen with their handheld tools. So we don’t use large machines nor molds. This gives the Mighty Tom planter its unique character with smooth lines and eye catching natural surface.


The Mighty Tom is the biggest most badass planter out there and can be used for trees, plants, decorations, art and more. All planters are unique, 100% handmade and come with a custom color. The Mighty Tom planter is a true asset to your home, hotel, club, yacht or company.


Weight – The Mighty Tom planter is ultra strong and can be used for larger trees, plants, wild grasses, decorations and art. Despite the big size and massive appearance, all Mighty Tom planters are true lightweights. Without its content the Mighty Tom planter weighs just 10 lbs per square feet. This makes the Mighty Tom planter also perfectly suitable for placement on a rooftop terrace or yacht.

Weather – No worries about weather conditions. Hot, cold, rainy or extremely dry are no problem for Mighty Tom planters. The wide edge keeps the inside of the planter cool in its own a natural way and the Mighty Tom planters can be delivered with a ecologic hydro-system.

Color – The color of the Mighty Tom planter is a custom option. Choose out of 10.000 colors and color variants in metallic, pearl, candy, solid, high gloss, low-gloss, matt, corten and glow in the dark. All paint layers are finished with a clearcoat to protect the exterior against weather and scratches.

Custom Colors

Your Mighty Tom planter can be color customized. Pick your color out of a database containing more than 10.000 colors including metallic, pearl, candy, high-gloss, low-gloss, solid, matt, corten and glow in the dark. You’ll definitely find the color for your Mighty Tom that matches your domain, home, garden, yacht or even your car. We always set high standards, so only the best suits the Mighty Tom. Therefore we use premium paints and finish the planter with a protective clearcoat. Contact us to access our color database.

The Mighty Tom comes standard in Black-, Silver-, Gold- or Rose Crome.